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Hillside Dawgz Events Calendar


January 1-31: Comfort Food Month
Visit Concord's annual Comfort Food Month is here!

January 1-7: Cozy Classics
What's more classic than a hot dog with fries? Come in between January 1-7 to taste an American Classic with the Chicago style hot dog! A 1/4lb all-beef frankfurter on a seeded bun, topped with relish, onion, tomato, brown mustard, dill pickle, hot peppers, and celery salt

January 8-14: Eat The World
Flavors from all throughout the United States, as well as specials from Europe, South America, and the Philippines come together at Hillside Dawgz. Louisiana style hot links, Cajun sausage, Polish Kielbasa, English style Bratwurst, German Frankfurters, Italian sausage, and Portuguese Linguica are just the beginning. Check out regionally inspired creations on social media and in person.

Past Events:

Live music with the Harmony Buddies
Saturday 8/13 4:30-7:00pm
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