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About Hillside Dawgz

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Hillside Dawgz is a brick-and-mortar sausage and hot dog shop in the heart of Concord, California. As a family-owned business, run by East Bay Area natives, we created this shop to reflect and support our community. We strive to provide the best sausages and hot dogs that you can find in a comfortable environment – whether you’re looking to kick back or just grab a quick lunch. 


We want to create a place that has great food and thriving events. We love showcasing local musicians, car enthusiasts, comedians, and other forms of entertainment. Our mission is to bring more liveliness to Clayton Road and the surrounding neighborhoods.


What kind of meat is used at Hillside Dawgz?

  • We offer a variety of meats and combinations including all beef, all chicken, and beef-pork blends so we can meet all dietary needs. Check back soon for vegetarian options!

Do you sell raw sausage?

  • No. We currently specialize in hot meals and do not have a meat counter.

What kind of specials do you offer?

  • Our daily special menu has not yet been rolled out, but check back soon for things like ball tip, poutine, linguica & rice, and more!


Does Hillside Dawgz offer anything other than hot dogs?

  • Yes! We currently have four sides. Soon we will expand our menu to include fries and bowls. Please join our email list for updates and news. 


I want my band to play at Hillside Dawgz. Who do I talk to?

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